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Keep your business's doors open


Keeping customers and staff safe is more than good business practice. It is your legal and moral responsibility! Failing a health or fire inspection is not going to help you get ahead. Fighting a lawsuit after an injury or death is not going to help either. The people who come under your roof are trusting you to take care of them. You can start by ensuring that your doors are working as they should.


North End Builders offers commercial building maintenance to businesses in Wood Buffalo. We can fix your doors while you focus on company objectives. We want to foster growth in the Fort McMurray business community. Providing the best service we can is one way of doing that. As fellow entrepreneurs and city residents, we want your business to succeed. Let's not let some broken hardware get it the way!

Get peace of mind in times of emergency

Will the panic hardware come through when it is needed? How about the fire exit hardware? What a disaster it would be if they fail during a crisis. It is critical to have your doors installed correctly. You should not have to worry about such things. We can repair or replace your fire rated doors and exit doors, giving you peace of mind.

Hinges, locks and knobs will all wear out with use. Even if a door sees little action, it can still deteriorate.  Don't wait until something gets damaged and you need our commercial door repair service. You can make us part of your planned maintenance program. Give us a call if you need help figuring out what would be appropriate for your business. 

Commercial Building Maintenance

personpushing a push bar on an escape door

Commercial Grade Doors

Get proper doors for your commercial building. Our doors will pass the fire, safety and health inspections.

panic hrdware on a double door

Panic Hardware Repair

Push bars, hinges, handles, latches, springs, you name it and we can fix it. Make sure your doors can be trusted.

commercial doors

Before you ask...

We do not service or install commercial overhead doors. We work primarily on hinged doors. 

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