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Expand your living space outside!


Are you looking for a place to host summer parties? Many Albertans are building their own private entertainment venues, or, as some people call them, decks. A deck is a great place to host a BBQ, birthday or reunion. It expands your home's living space. For many people, it is like adding a second living or dining room. For others, it is a place to install a diving board, hammock or clothesline. Whatever your reason, North End Builders can make your dream a reality.

Building a deck is a sound investment into your home and family. This is a place to make memories and soak up some vitamin D. The sentimental and health values are impossible to calculate. However, the financial benefit can be measured! According to this study in the States, homeowners can expect to get back 75.6% of their deck cost when they sell. That is especially impressive when you realise that kitchen remodelling is only expected to bring in 62.1%. It is a good time to invest.

Protect your children and pets!

A wood fence can give you the security you are looking for. It creates a safe place your loved ones to play! You can stop worrying where your children or pets are. They can be outside your house without being outside your protection. A fenced-in area is a great place for them to burn energy, while you have a much needed break. You and your belongings will be safer as well.


Protect your little oasis from visual distractions, noisey neighbours and intruders. Privacy is increasingly hard to find and control. How do you manitain some sort of privacy in your yard? A tall and tight fence will go a long way. It can block out the world around you too. Now you can relax that much more. Now your kids can be kids without you wondering who is judging. A well-built fence can give you the privacy of the country without taking you out of the city.

Does the rebuilding bylaw affect my fence construction?



The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has rules that govern the design of your fense. The Land Use Bylaw Wildfire Overlay 16/020 makes provision for those rebuilding fenses detroyed in the 2016 fire. You are allowed to reconstruct it exactly as it was before, unless it encroached other people's land. You do not need a permit to build but must follow the rules laid out on the city website.

Don't forget about our


Installation Warranty


You heard correctly, the warranty is on our installation work. This is over and above the product warranties offered by the siding manufacturers. Our warranty ensures that both the product and the labour are covered! We will make sure you are taken care of, even if the problem isn't seen for several years. You won't get this kind of warranty everywhere (especially not from that jack-of-all-trades contact of yours).


Do you need a warranty? Why not get free (or cheap) help instead? There is a saying that only the rich can afford cheap things. It means that things that are cheap to buy, cost more to own than their premium alternatives. The principle certainly applies to fences and decks. A warranty holds the installer accountable. Volunteers don't have that same motivation. They aren't promising to fix any errors, nor are they going to pay professionals to do it. A cheap installation will cost you much more if something goes wrong.


asphalt shingle roof


We are your local roofing experts with the experience to equip your residence or place of business with the appropriate roof covering.

grey vinyl siding


We have developed a reputation as meticulous and skilled siding installers with an eye for detail. 

a bay window

Windows & Doors

We have the know-how to supply and install your windows and doors at a price that won't be beaten. 

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