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Protect your house from rain and snow!

Are you concerned that your roof may need replacing? It is wise to look into this right away and prevent snow, rain and ice from leaking into your home! We would be happy asses the condition of your roof and help you make that judgement call. We can take pictures of any damage we find and help you understand your options. You don't need to figure this out on your own! Let us keep the water out for you.

You probably already know this, but replacing a roof is far more than cosmetic. The condition of your roof affects the health of the whole house. The air quality, structural integrity, and temperature all suffer when the roof isn't doing its job. On the flip side, building a better roof will improve the overall health of the house. Your house will look better on the outside and function better on the inside. Now that's a good investment!

Hire a roofer you can trust.

What does it take to be a good roofer? It takes courage, skill, product knowledge and honesty. Fort McMurray is tired of being cheated by unscrupulous contractors. Thankfully, there are still local businesses with a heart for our city. North End Builders is one of them. We have made it our business to be honest and transparent in our practices and pricing. You can expect professional treatment and quality craftsmanship when you hire us.

I just got mine done by North End Builders. They did a great job! - Jenifer B.

North End Builders have been roofing in Fort Mac since 2013. We have put down a lot of shingles during that time. More importantly, we have built a lot of relationships and have been able to help keep families safe and secure in their homes. Our client satisfaction rate is very high, especially since we back our work with a satisfaction warranty! Let us take care of this one for you.

Is asphalt shingling a good option?



Asphalt shingles now offer more options than any other form of roofing [ref]. There are so many styles, colours and quality levels. Modern shingles have been engineered to outlast older forms of roofing. (some of which can be replicated in asphalt). They are less expensive to purchase and easier to install than competing products. Asphalt shingles have earned their popularity. They are the best option for many (if not most) Canadian homeowners.  

Don't forget about our


Installation Warranty


You heard correctly, the warranty is on our installation work. This is over and above the product warranties offered by the manufacturers. Our warranty ensures that both the product and the labour are covered! We will make sure you are taken care of, even if the problem isn't seen for several years. You won't get this kind of warranty everywhere (especially not from that jack-of-all-trades contact of yours).


Do you need a warranty? Why not get free (or cheap) help instead? There is a saying that only the rich can afford cheap things. It means that things that are cheap to buy, cost more to own than their premium alternatives. The principle certainly applies to roof installations. A warranty holds the installer accountable. It ensures that you get a roof that is built to last! Volunteers don't have that same motivation. They aren't promising to fix any errors, nor are they going to pay professionals to do it. A cheap installation will cost you much more if something goes wrong, simply because everything is already covered under a warranty. You can sleep well at night, knowing the roof protecting you is protected as well.


house with grey siding


We have developed a reputation as meticulous and skilled siding installers with an eye for detail. 

a bay window

Windows & Doors

We have the know-how to supply and install your windows and doors at a price that won't be beaten. 

garage frame and foundation

Garage Builds

Call us for our all-inclusive garage-building packages. We are efficient, meticulous builders.

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