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Keep your car looking and working well!

Car experts stress the value of garage protection. You may not care how much you could get for your vehicle. The point is that cars kept in a garage look and drive better than those that aren't. Rust forms, plastics and rubbers crack, paint fades and gets scratched while your car sits in the driveway. The problems continue under the hood to the engine. Cold starting your car is hard on the engine. The amount of damaged caused depends on how cold the engine liquids are. Parking inside helps minimise the damage done. No car will last forever but you can lengthen the life of yours by building a garage to keep it in.


Living in a northern climate, as we do, makes a garage less of a luxury and more of a necessity. We rely on our vehicles to get to work, to get our food and for so many other things. You shouldn't need to wonder if your car is going to start or not. Where would we be without block heaters, battery heaters and battery boosters and scrappers to help us fight those -30 nights? Garage owners do not have to bother with all this paraphernalia. They can just get in their car and drive away. They aren't concerned about frozen locks, doors or door handles. Why put yourself through all of that. Invest in a garage (and by extension, your car) today!

Upgrade your home by adding a garage!

Needing more space? Looking to add value to your home? You can do both of these things and more by building a garage. It is an ideal place to keep your toys, to park your car or to setup shop. It is a place you can go and not have to worry about making a mess. A garage offers shade after yard work or during a lawn party.

Some renovations offer no financial benefits. This is not one of those situations. Building a garage improves the market value of your home. You can expect to recoup the majority of its cost when you sell. (One study estimates that is could be as much as 64.8%.) So if you are wondering what your next home improvement project should be, make sure not to overlook getting a new garage.

Should I insulate my garage?

Will your garage by attached or detached? Is it for storage only or do you plan to live and work in there? Fully insulating the garage is a must if you live in or over it. This is the case anytime you require a heating unit inside the garage. No insulation is necessary in detached garages used only for parking and storage. An attached garage need to be insulated wherever it connects to the house. This would include the attic and shared wall between the house and the garage. It is advised that you talk to an HVAC professional if you plan to add additional insulation. Failing to do so could result in an energy efficiency loss and air quality issues for your home.

Don't forget about our


Installation Warranty


You heard correctly, the warranty is on our installation work. This is over and above the product warranties offered by the siding manufacturers. Our warranty ensures that both the product and the labour are covered! We will make sure you are taken care of, even if the problem isn't seen for several years. You won't get this kind of warranty everywhere (especially not from that jack-of-all-trades contact of yours).


Do you need a warranty? Why not get free (or cheap) help instead? There is a saying that only the rich can afford cheap things. It means that things that are cheap to buy, cost more to own than their premium alternatives. The principle certainly applies to garage construction. A warranty holds the installer accountable. Volunteers don't have that same motivation. They aren't promising to fix any errors, nor are they going to pay professionals to do it. A cheap installation will cost you much more if something goes wrong.


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We are your local roofing experts with the experience to equip your residence or place of business with the appropriate roof covering.

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We have developed a reputation as meticulous and skilled siding installers with an eye for detail. 

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Fences & Decks

Let us build your fence and deck to provide you with the privacy and comfort you want. 

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