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Security and warmth for your household!

What is the first project many homeowners turn to when wanting more security or energy efficient climate control? That's right, it is replacing a home's windows and doors. Other top choices include security systems or insulating your attic and rim joists. Other companies in Fort McMurray do those things, but we are your guys for this one. Don't let unwanted outside air or unwelcome visitors inside your home. Keep them out and the good stuff in by getting us to install better windows and doors in your house.

According to this report, you could expect a 74.9% return on investment when replacing your front door. Replacing your windows promise similar returns. Going with a steel door and vinyl windows are safe bets if you are concerned about these things. People are willing to pay more for a house that has had these upgrades. Buyers are also looking for security and warmth! You can increase your chances of making a sale and the of getting your asking price. It is like you get to "eat your cake and have it too." You get to enjoy increased comfort and energy saving now, with further financial benefit down the road.

What to look for in a contractor


You may be tempted to do the work yourself - but what happens if something goes wrong? Entrusting these jobs to experienced professionals is much safer and could save you a lot of money in repairs. A good window and door installer will warranty his work, be fully insured, honest and easy to communicate with. Window and door manufacturers warranty their products against defect. Your installer should warranty his work too. It is good to ask around and see if the company fulfils its promises and is easy to get along with.

We are so thankful to have customers who stand behind us and our work. They are the best form of advertising we could ask for. There have been so few complaints since we started in 2016. When they did come, it was because we wouldn't cut corners or prices. We deliver solid dependable work at honest rates. Most see that and are happy to recommend us to others.

Are vinyl windows any good?



Vinyl windows are an inexpensive and low maintenance option. They are also much easier to install than many competing products. Vinyl windows have earned popularity among Canadian homeowners. Now, there are so many styles and colours to choose from. Energy efficient and well warranted, vinyl may be the best option for you. Contact us to find out.

Don't forget about our


Installation Warranty


You heard correctly, the warranty is on our installation work. This is over and above the product warranties offered by the siding manufacturers. Our warranty ensures that both the product and the labour are covered! We will make sure you are taken care of, even if the problem isn't seen for several years. You won't get this kind of warranty everywhere (especially not from that jack-of-all-trades contact of yours).


Do you need a warranty? Why not get free (or cheap) help instead? There is a saying that only the rich can afford cheap things. It means that things that are cheap to buy, cost more to own than their premium alternatives. The principle certainly applies to windows and doors. A warranty holds the installer accountable. Volunteers don't have that same motivation. They aren't promising to fix any errors, nor are they going to pay professionals to do it. A cheap installation will cost you much more if something goes wrong.


asphalt shingle roof


We are your local roofing experts with the experience to equip your residence or place of business with the appropriate roof covering.

house with vinyl siding


We have developed a reputation as meticulous and skilled siding installers with an eye for detail. 

wood fence with a gate

Fences & Decks

Let us build your fence and deck to provide you with the privacy and comfort you want. 

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